This document describes the way of administration and configuration of the Tryton system. With the help of this manual you create a working application that can support your organisation processes. This manual is primarily targeted on the Tryton administrator. This manual can also be used to write a Tryton user manual.


Name Contributions
Anthony Schrijer
  • Initial setup of the manual
  • Basic configuration of the system
  • Configuring accounts
  • Configuring Party management
  • Creating Products
  • Writing style conventions
  • Style sheet


In this chapter we mention the presumptions that are made before you can do the configuration of the Tryton system.

In this manual most settings are made with a European viewpoint; adapt the settings to your local needs.

  • This manual is written for the Tryton server version 2.0 with the corresponding Tryton client (GUI) as the user interface.
  • With the Tryton client you must be able to make a connection to a database and you must be able to log in.

Tryton installation specifications

When Tryton is installed there is initially no database. In this configuration is expected that you have created a database with these settings:

  • Tryton Server Password: the password that is used during installation of the Tryton server.
  • Tryton database name: databasename
  • Tryton administrator name: admin
  • Password administrator: password used for the administrator during database installation.
  • Standard language: English (choosen in this manual for ease of use and as starting point for translations of this manual).